Birch Communications is the nation's largest telecommunications company dedicated exclusively to serving large multi-location POTS accounts throughout the U.S. As a certified local phone company, Birch is the only local telephone company that has 100% network coverage.






Birch is the only phone company that provides service in every territory within every state, including Puerto Rico and Canada. Though Nationwide Coverage is important, what makes Birch unique is the ability to deliver one single bill for all lines served.


Product Highlights:

  • Includes Intralata Toll as part of the local service charge

  • Includes all feature charges (Remote Call Forwarding and Voicemail are billed separately)

  • Block all Casual and Third Party Charges

  • Offer a nationwide blended rate for all locations

  • Itemized List of charges for other services delivered by Birch, ie Long Distance, Inside Wiring, xDSL, etc.

  • Deliver easy to read, timely invoices in multiple formats, PDF, CSV, XLS or paper

  • A significant cost reduction in current telecommunications expenses, through both decreased rates and increased administrative efficiencies.

  • Centralized ordering, provisioning, disconnects, escalation, tracking and billing



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