Visual Data Discovery

Get advanced data analysis, graphics and reporting, along with interactive data visualization.




  • Interactive statistical graphics. Includes a variety of interactive graphs – 3-D scatter plots, trellis plots, cell plots, needle plots, summary charts, and animated bubble plots.

  • Visual querying and filtering. Lets you interactively filter and query data, visually subsetting data, animating reports or drilling down to underlying data with point-and-click ease.

  • Advanced statistical analysis methods. Includes a comprehensive set of tools for advanced statistical analysis from an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface.

  • Extensive visual analytics. Gives information producers and consumers the ability to surface and analyze information from other software packages and easily share results.

  • Interface for guided tasks. Lets users build queries, manipulate and update data, perform simple to complex analyses, and run analyses in batch mode if desired.

  • Interface for exploratory analysis. Offers a discovery and exploration interface with interactive analytical capabilities.

  • Integration with R. Enables R programmers to take advantage of the dynamic graphics in JMP that interactively link data to visuals.

  • 4GL and web-based programming environment. Provides advanced statistical capabilities and dynamic visualization in a self-service, interactive environment.

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