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Hosted PBX is phone system that uses voice over IP to provide Cloud-based phone system for business. Often this service is provided by a network service provider as part of an overall network solution. This type of solution provides a customer with the ultimate in flexibility as access to "seats "are typically purchased on monthly basis and can scale up and down as needed.

Customers also enjoy the flexibility of the actual dial tone access being provided by the provider in a scalable fashion as well. Customers also are out the PBX management business and the uptime and investment in keeping the solution running stay with the Hosted Provider.

Enterprise features are available for even small-scale customers, giving them ability to purchase advanced solutions like contact center typically on off bases. Providers work hard at delivering Hosted VOIP as reliable as possible Allowing a customer to scale to meet demand.







VoIP services provide stable, scalable telephony solutions ranging from fully hosted Cloud PBX to traditional hand-off options like Primary Rate Interface (PRI) or plain telephone which seamlessly integrate with your existing phone systems. Whether you have many locations, large concentration of employees at a central location or work at home employees, VoIP services enables branch offices, remote workers and telecommuters to work efficiently.



Hosted PBX provides all of the features of a modern small office PBX with the convenience and scalability of a remotely hosted, fully-managed cloud solution. By combining local and long distance services with a computer network, your business can simplify its communications infrastructure to a single platform. No matter the size of your business, Granite provides full access to features and professional functionality.


Common Features

  • Auto Attendant

  • Hunting

  • Conferencing

  • Caller ID



Advanced Features

  • Out-Dial Reply

  • Scheduled Reminders

  • Call Lists

  • Click to Dial

  • CommPortal Assistant

  • Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Wireless Support




  • Significant cost reductions

  • Unlimited local and long distance calling on net

  • Increased network efficiency, privacy, and security

  • One connection capability

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • Fewer circuits and less interfaces



By moving POTS lines to Hosted Voice, you will improve your bottom line without the inconvenience of a complete telecom overhaul. Hosted Voice provides state-of- the-art VoIP network to translate digital voice for an analog device. This POTs emulation technology gives you the full suite of features found in traditional POTs lines, but at a significant cost savings. Some features include:


  • Local and Long Distance Calling

  • Caller ID

  • Directory Listing and Assistance

  • Operator Assistance


Integrated analog and digital voice, as well as data service, can be provided over a single circuit. A robust SIP gateway and router make connectivity seamless and reliable. Benefits include:

  • Competitive savings

  • Use existing equipment

  • Billed at existing long distance rates



SIP eliminates the need to buy separate voice and data circuits. Simple connections with the Internet or private IP infrastructure gives your business more options and less dependency on hardware, effectively managing both data and voice needs. Your business will have the choice of ’s local and long distance calling plans and a broad set of features that can be controlled through a secure, self-service online portal. SIP offers a full range of access options and interoperability with most leading IP-PBX systems.



  • Quality of Service (QoS) 

  • Public/Private IP Address

  • Expansive Options

  • Fewer Circuits

  • Network Diversity




  • Nationwide Coverage

  • Cost Reduction

  • Enhanced Network Capacity

  • Flexibility

  • Scalability

  • Compatibility



Take control of your inbound calls with a host of features easily managed through your phone or our web-based platform. Auto Attendant service offers powerful capabilities for meeting the needs of your customers, improving the productivity of your employees and controlling costs. Engineered to simulate a live operator, Auto Attendant directs incoming callers to the appropriate department or employee. Ensure your calls are handled efficiently 24/7/365.


Flexible Announcement Presentation

Create different announcements and menus on demand — for outside business hours or during weekends and holidays.



Dial-by-Name or Extension

Enable callers to identify and dial internal departments or individuals directly by simply entering the first few letters of their names or extension. The option to transfer directly to a voice mailbox further reduces the need for a live receptionist.



Easy Set-Up and Administration

Benefit from multiple administration options to configure schedules, recordings and call trees.



A great majority of businesses require some means of automatic messaging so that calls are not left unanswered. Network-based voicemail offers a wealth of unified messaging features for efficiency. Virtual Voicemail solution offers the ability to forward messages to an email with notification for new messages. You never need to miss an important message again.


Features and Benefits

Create different announcements and menus on demand — for outside business hours or during weekends and holidays.

  • Future-proof SIP application server architecture offers investment protection with exceptional scalability and cost-effectiveness

  • Easy mailbox access maximizes convenience of message retrieval

  • Offers options for notification of new messages, including email. 




Cloud Backup, also known as Remote data backup, is an excellent tool used by many enterprise and small-medium size businesses to ensure data and other electronic files are backed up on a consistent basis. Many times, due to it being classified as remote it is commonly located in some type of data center or offsite facility. Remote data backup is also known through terms like Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) or managed backup service as well.