Local Phone Service


Exceptional local phone services provided with incumbent and CLEC's throughout the United States. Allow us to offer exceptional pricing, allowing you to focus on the bottom line.


Long Distance

Long distance service provides cost-effective in-state, out-of-state, international, and toll-free calling for businesses of any size and budget.


Toll-Free Number Service


Toll-free numbers convey to your customers that not only are they encouraged to call, but you will give their calls the attention that they deserve. With our consolidated billing solution, toll-free number charges will appear on your monthly bill, making their usage easy to track and manage.




For companies that have an existing PBX and need a cost-effect solution for voice and data, purchasing ISDN_PRI service Integrated Services for Digital Network-Primary Rate Interface could be the right decision


ISDN- PRI is an advanced digital voice and data service. It divides a T1 digital signal into 24 voice channels, with 23 those channels being used to place and receive phones calls, or carry data. The 24th channel cannot be used for placing or receiving calls, as it is used for providing voice features and also for providing signaling for the other 23 benefits to





The customer can have u to 23 concurrent call paths per circuit.

ISDN-PRI supports an unlimited amount if Did's, making it scalable for growing companies

the circuit its provisioned on a physical line, providing it with guaranteed bandwidth

ISDN-PRI has bee around forever and is tried and true


ISDN-PRI circuits are popular among many businesses because of its nimble Instead of purchasing separate circuits to meet their needs. it can allow a business to run those services over on physical line. This helps to simplify the solution to the customer also helps to lower the overall cost. The circuits are also built and configured as Dynamic meaning that it will instantly allocate channels to specific uses when they are needed. For example;  when a call is placed or received the necessary channels are pulled so the call can be completed making them unavailable for use. As soon as the call is completed the channels are released and can then be used for data.


Dedicated and Affordable Connectivity.

If you're in need of symmetrical speeds and dedicated bandwidth for business-critical performance, then a business-class T1 connection may be what you're looking for. A T1 line or bonded T1 provides dedicated, reliable bandwidth with consistent speeds with nationwide coverage and guaranteed uptime.


Scalable, Reliable Bandwidth for Business.

T1 and bonded T1 lines are ideal for companies with one or multiple offices that require symmetrical upload and download speeds to support business-critical data traffic. T1 connectivity provides the speed and performance needed for data-intensive applications like streaming media and VoIP. A T1 line is ideal for transmitting large volumes of data, graphics or video, or to run Web, database or application servers.


Let Us Help You Optimize Your Connectivity.

Whether you're in need of Cable, DSL or Ethernet, we'll customize a solution to meet your bandwidth requirements. You can count on our ability to deliver the technical insights and industry knowledge to support your needs as you grow and expand. We'll work closely with you and provide the strategic guidance needed to optimize your telecom program.


What's in it for you?



  • True nationwide coverage from a single provider for more than just your broadband needs

  • Expandable—bond up to four (4) T1s

  • Super reliable connectivity for mission-critical applications

  • Uptime guarantee with our industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • Multi-task with T1—versatile technology allows for multi-use functionality

  • Priority routing over DSL line 24/7/365 unified support environment

  • Proactive network monitoring so you’re ensured an “always-on” data network



  • 1.5 Mbps Internet bandwidth

  • Bonded T1 options deliver 3.0 Mbps, 4.5 Mbps or 6.0 Mbps

  • Full duplex, symmetrical service Static-IP addresses included

  • Router rental includes domain name registration or transfer

  • Optional cost-effective, managed security solutions (firewall, anti-virus/anti-spam, VPN)


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