ISDN- PRI is an advanced digital voice and data service. It divides a T1 digital signal into 24 voice channels, with 23 those channels being used to place and receive phones calls, or carry data.The 24th channel cannot be used for placing or receiving calls, as it is used for providing voice features and also for providing signaling for the other 23 benefits to



The customer can have u to 23 concurrent call paths per circuit.

ISDN-PRI supports an unlimited amount if Did's, making it scalable for growing companies

the circuit its provisioned on a physical line, providing it with guaranteed bandwidth

ISDN-PRI has bee around forever and is tried and true


ISDN-PRI circuits are popular among many businesses because of its nimble Instead of purchasing separate circuits to meet their needs. it can allow a business to run those services over on physical line. This helps to simplify the solution to the customer also helps to lower the overall cost. The circuits are also built and configured as Dynamic meaning that it will instantly allocate channels to specific uses when they are needed. For example;  when a call is placed or received the necessary channels are pulled so the call can be completed making them unavailable for use. As soon as the call is completed the channels are released and can then be used for data.

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